Masks should Continue to be Worn due to Variants of COVID-19

>Masks should Continue to be Worn due to Variants of COVID-19

We aren’t out of the woods yet with COVID-19, not by a long shot. Medical professionals are working extra shifts. They worry about enough beds to take care of those who are sick. Many people miss work, often without pay, due to symptoms. They struggle to get caught up on bills. Masks should continue to be worn because COVID-19 is serious stuff!

There are variants of it too, making it harder and harder to control it. While vaccinations and the booster are encouraged, that isn’t a substitute for wearing a mask. While being vaccinated lowers your risk, you can still contract COVID-19. Don’t leave it up to chance, work hard to make sure you aren’t going to get sick!

The Right Mask

Some individuals work the front lines day after day. They have no choice but to be exposed to the virus. They treat the sick and they will continue to do so. They have the right mask to lower their own risk. They are selfless, putting the care of others before their own needs. They know the difference between a quality mask and one that isn’t really don’t its job.

There is no tolerance for poorly made masks. The manufacturers of such items are only interested in how much profit they can earn. They are taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation, and using it to make money. You won’t find such unethical behavior when you buy masks from This is a leader in the industry, dedicated to offering the best design for both protection and comfort.

Stay Diligent

Even with so much time passing, we can’t let our guard down. We must stay diligent and remember to wear masks. This is one of the powerful ways we can all fight to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and the variants. All of us have been hit by this pandemic – either being ill ourselves or seeing firsthand what it has done to those we care about.

Wearing a mask any time you are in public and around other people is a good idea. There may not be a mandatory requirement where you go, but don’t let your guard down. By doing so, you are increasing the risk of the virus spreading. It is better to have that layer of protection against it than to try to recover from such a crippling ailment.

Encourage Others

The controversy over wearing masks and freedom of choice is all around us. Don’t argue with people to wear them, but do encourage it. Talk to your family and friends and share facts with them. Encourage them to wear quality masks too, because a false sense of security with a poorly designed mask can have a terrible outcome.

Speak up where you work too in order to get them to put mask mandates in place. It isn’t just about your health; it is about the health of all who are part of that organization. If you see people wearing a dirty mask, offer them a new one. Encourage them to change masks often and to only wear one that is clean. They shouldn’t attempt to reuse disposable masks as that will cause germs to spread faster.

Encourage others to wear their mask correctly too. It shouldn’t expose their mouth or their nostrils. It should be securely in place. It should only be pulled down to eat or get a drink. Hold each other accountable so we can all do our part to put an end to this pandemic.

Protect those you love by wearing a mask. You may be very healthy, but are they? When you don’t wear a mask, you can carry germs to others who are vulnerable. It is upsetting to see those you care about struggle due to the virus. Some need extensive medical care to recover. Sadly, others never get to go home from the hospital. They die alone because they can’t have visitors when they test positive for COVID-19.

Fight to End this Pandemic

Some feel COVID-19 just has to run its course, but that isn’t true. The more we all do to fight it, the faster it will come to an end. Going without a mask is a roll of the dice and it keeps this virus going. Washing your hands often, wearing a well-designed mask, and wearing it properly all help to stop it in its tracks.

The virus is invisible, and you have to have your lines of defense up and ready to go. It will take a collective effort to put an end to this pandemic. The more people who join the fight, the faster we will all see this behind us! Don’t hesitate to ask those around you to please put on a mask or to pull up their mask. It may be people you know or it could be a complete stranger sharing the same space. Speak up and get the message out there.

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