Couple’s Therapy can Help with Communication and Save a Marriage

>Couple’s Therapy can Help with Communication and Save a Marriage

All couples have their disagreements and topics where they don’t see eye to eye. Yet a marriage can end up destroyed if there isn’t effective communication. You can’t expect your partner to read your mind. Even if you have been together for years, you have to express what you think and how you feel.

When communication shuts down due to hurt or anger, it creates a barrier in that relationship. You may be on a downward spiral and feel like there is no hope. Before you toss in the towel, consider couple’s therapy. It can be an eye opener and help you find your way back to each other. If the marriage really can’t be saved, you will know you put forth the effort and not have regrets when you go your separate ways.

The Tone

Often, it isn’t what we say but how we say it that creates a problem with our spouse. Therapy can help you to identify the tone you are using and how to change it. If the partner things you are yelling or nagging, it can trigger them to respond negatively. When that happens, neither of you get your needs met.

The Unsaid

Too often, people don’t say what is on their mind. They want to keep the peace; they don’t want to fight. Yet the unsaid comes with its own set of problems. It can lead to resentment and it can lead to misconceptions. Never assume you know what your partner is thinking or interested in. People change with time, and exploring new interests is natural.

On Repeat

It is time to get off repeat cycles and move forward. Hash out issues once and for all. If there is a lack of trust, it is going to take time to rebuild it. If one or both of you explodes that behavior isn’t acceptable. It is time to make better choices. When you make a conscious effort to change, it helps the entire dynamic of your marriage.

When there is anger from someone in a marriage, the underlying cause is often hurt. They need to share why they are hurt. When you are told you hurt your spouse, you don’t get to justify that it isn’t valid or it isn’t a big deal. Their feelings matter and you should value that. The couple’s therapy sessions can help you both learn to convey what you need and what you feel.


If you often argue, neither of you are listening to the other. The sessions can help you to stop talking and listen to your spouse. The therapist will make sure this happens, so the discussion isn’t one sided. Don’t worry, when they are done saying what they need to you will have a chance to respond. They need to extend the same courteous to you and really listen to what you have to share.


A marriage needs to be balanced with both people feeling loved and respected. If you don’t feel appreciated or respected from your spouse, it creates problems. Identifying these problem areas and establishing boundaries may be what it takes to improve the marriage. If you engage in behaviors, you know your spouse doesn’t like, it is time to see how you can make changes you will both agree with.

Time for Each Other

Making quality time for each other is essential in a healthy marriage. Regular dates, no matter how long you have been together, are encouraged. It doesn’t have to be expensive but the time needs to focus on the two of you. Take turns planning dates at least once a month to reconnect with each other. Don’t talk about work, bills, kids, or other common issues during that time.

The date time is for the two of you to focus on each other only. Keep it light and fun, and you will both look forward to it. Visit some of your favorite places you have been or find new places to explore. This can be a good time to take a weekend trip or to find a new hobby for both of you to be involved with together.

Get into Couples Therapy

When you contact you can get your first session scheduled. When you and your spouse are committed to getting the marriage on the right track, this can be a turning point. It can make your marriage stronger than before. It is going to take time, effort, and often forgiveness.

Remembering why you fell in love in the first place is important. Jobs, kids, and other commitments often get in the way of a relationship. You can’t put each other on the back burner though. You have to make time for each other and you have to make your marriage a priority.

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